Footiefox 2.1.8

Keep up to date on your favorite soccer team

If you're both a Firefox user and a soccer fan, then this plug-in combines the best of both worlds into a great little plug-in. View full description


  • Allows you to track league and match scores easily
  • Very discreet
  • Features 190 leagues


  • Sometimes slow to update
  • Does not include all world leagues

Very good

If you're both a Firefox user and a soccer fan, then this plug-in combines the best of both worlds into a great little plug-in.

Footiefox allows you to keep up with the latest results and scorelines without changing a page or even leaving your desktop. Once installed, the plug-in sits discreetly at the bottom of Firefox in the status bar. You configure the plug-in to follow the game of your choice and depending on this configuration, you will see the current score plus the logo of the clubs playing. On the right hand side, you'll also see a green arrow which accesses the main menu where you can subscribe to scorelines from the various leagues and choose to focus on one particular match if you prefer.

Further details on the teams are accessible when right-clicking the team icons. If your country's league is not represented, the developers claim that they will endeavor to add it if you e-mail them with a request but it depends on whether they have an agreement with the league or whether you can provide details of a suitable website alternative. In fact, this is one of the major advances with this latest edition - more leagues - 190 to be precise from 90 countries. The developers have also teamed up with Kicker Online magazine in Germany for better info on teams and coverage of the German league.

Footiefox is a superb little plug-in that does it's job efficiently and discreetly although you may find it a little slow on updating compared to some live score websites.


  • With the latest release of FootieFox we introduce several major improvements. we now support a lot more leagues now, more precisely, over 190 leagues and cups from 60 countries! FootieFox 2.0 comes with the handy feature to integrate sports portal websites. Our database was cleaned up, many team icons were added or updated. The team search was completely refactored and comes in a nifty Ajax-style now. We solved some issues that occurred with a few Firefox themes, and provide options to customize the color of the scores for improved readability. Moreover, we refined the rotation function.


Footiefox 2.1.8

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